What’s New Blog | March 2023

April 12, 2023

March 2023 Releases: LinkedIn Integration, Custom Approval Workflows, Recommended Trainings in LMS, and More.

Recruiting and retaining top talent continues to be a major challenge for businesses of all sizes. Here at Paylocity, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to recruiting. That's why we’ve recently released a series of new features designed to help businesses streamline their recruitment process and stay on top of the latest trends like hybrid flexibility

Simplify recruiting with custom approval workflow templates  

Recruiting administrators can now create custom workflow templates to facilitate approval of job requisitions and offer letters. These templates can be created for specific roles or departments, simplifying the process for hiring managers while ensuring all necessary stakeholders can review and approve. For example, consider a warehouse supervisor who needs to open a new position for a forklift driver. The supervisor can leverage a workflow template created by the recruiting team to get the req approved by all the appropriate stakeholders quickly and easily — no missed steps, no guessing about who needs to be involved — just a speedy approval and a step toward decreasing time to hire.

Extend the reach of job postings with a LinkedIn integration

Our new integration with LinkedIn increases recruiting automation and candidate reach. Once the forklift driver position is approved, recruiters can post the job opening directly to the LinkedIn company page and LinkedIn Jobs, directly from the Paylocity platform in just a few clicks. The posting is then visible to a greater pool of job seekers (and shareable by leaders and employees), increasing the chances of finding the right candidates.

Understand where your candidates are coming from to make informed decisions  

Easily gain insights into where candidates are finding your job listings and which platforms they're using to apply: social media, company websites, or elsewhere. For example, your company wants to know where each applicant for the forklift driver position applied from to assess the effectiveness of different channels and determine the most successful ones to invest in. You can use Paylocity's platform to apply source codes when sharing the job and career page URLs on external sites to track the performance of jobs posted and determine which candidate sources are generating the highest quality candidates. You can then adjust recruitment strategies accordingly.

Improve employee development with recommended trainings  

Learning and development programs are crucial for both employees and their employers. But, if your company has various departments and hundreds of training courses available, it can be difficult for employees to sift through the courses to find the relevant ones for their role. With Paylocity’s recommended training section in LMS, we spotlight the courses that are trending by job role and industry. 

To return to the earlier example, suppose that you found the perfect candidates for the open forklift driver position you posted using the LinkedIn integration.  You sent the job offers through the proper approval workflows, and the new hires start onboarding next week. With the recommended training section in LMS, the new forklift drivers will see the most relevant training based on their role when they log in so they can spend more time learning and less time searching through a catalog of courses. The spotlight section automatically updates every 30 days.

Quickly identify payroll discrepancies with the redesigned calendar experience 

Streamline payroll processes and reduce errors with Paylocity’s redesigned payroll calendar. This modern, single view experience is a valuable tool for businesses with complex pay structures and payroll schedules (such as manufacturing companies). Easily create, edit, and view pay schedules, calendars, and off-cycle check dates all in one place.

If you’re already a Paylocity client, visit the Product Training Catalog, or PEAK for more details:


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