What’s New Blog | March 2024

April 08, 2024

March 2024 releases: Employee Voice enhancements, Recruiting updates, and more.

In today's fast-paced workplace landscape, the significance of talent acquisition and employee engagement can’t be overlooked. As highlighted in our recent blog post, "How to Measure Employee Engagement," understanding and effectively gauging the level of engagement among employees is crucial for organizational success. With competition for talent fiercer than ever, businesses are increasingly recognizing the pivotal role that engaged employees play in driving productivity, innovation, and ultimately, profitability. In March, we launched various enhancements that help you develop more meaningful insights and streamline processes in Employee Voice and Recruiting.

Increase privacy and derive meaningful insights

Employee Voice gathers feedback through engagement surveys, providing valuable insights into employee engagement and retention — without creating a manual lift for HR teams. One of the many ways to analyze Employee Voice data is through heat maps that help you dissect and explore employee demographics for trends. Now, you can easily add permissions to control access to sensitive information like gender, ethnicity, age, veteran status, disability, and sexual orientation, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access them to ensure privacy and promote responsible data management.

You can also now easily export comments from Employee Voice to delve deeper into feedback and aid in informed decision-making. The exported data is neatly organized into a CSV file, containing essential headers such as category, question, sentiment (favorable, neutral, or unfavorable), sentiment score (as a percentage), and the comment itself. 

Also, enhanced filter and search capabilities allow you to quickly and easily find the action plan you need in Employee Voice. Easily filter by action plan name, action plan owner (dropdown), or category. You can even filter your view by action plan category, status, or due date.

Easily find, interview, and manage candidates 

In Recruiting, easily schedule and create interviews with new options like multiple interviewers per session and grouping sessions into convenient "rounds" spanning multiple days. Tailor interviews to your needs with custom types and durations, and even keep things discreet by marking invitations as private.

You can also use enhanced searching capabilities in Recruiting to seamlessly find candidates and leads. New filters in Recruiting for specific criteria such as job, location, or former employer ensure you can quickly and easily find the best talent.

Foster schedule transparency among coworkers 

Employees can filter down to cost center within shift details for clear snapshot of who they're scheduled to be on shift with on any given day, at a specific location. This simple yet powerful tool not only fosters better communication and coordination among team members but also ensures a smoother workflow, ultimately enhancing productivity and teamwork in the workplace.

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