What's New Blog | May 2021

June 08, 2021

May 2021 Releases: New Dynamic Reports, Enhancements to Community, Payroll and more
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As things start to normalize post-pandemic, we know how much pressure HR teams are facing to recruit new talent and retain the talent they have—on top of managing all the complexity that COVID-19 has introduced. With our May releases, we’ve delivered new capabilities that enable you to meet these mounting challenges head-on, like additional dynamic reports, more options for compliant check stubs, and our newest tool, Modern Workforce Index.

Recruiting: & Onboarding: Make informed decisions with dynamic reports.

Dynamic Reporting allows you to customize column data in real time without the need to first export a separate file for pickup. We continue to grow our library of dynamic reports so that you can make the most of the wealth of data you already have in the Paylocity system. Now, Recruiting and Onboarding dynamic reports are available to help surface deeper insights into candidates, jobs, employees by hire date, onboarding events, and more.

Payroll: Comply with state check stub requirements.

Because companies with hourly employees in certain states are required to show total hours worked on check stubs, we’ve added this functionality as a standard option. It’s as simple as checking a box (literally).

Community: Ease return to work with transparent communication.

Post pandemic, employees have lots of questions. And you likely have lots of answers—but often those gets lost in emails, chats, or meetings. To help create more visibility, use Community announcements. Employees that use the Self-Service Portal will now see a card that displays recent announcements—ensuring they don’t miss important news and updates. 

Speaking of questions, Ask an Expert group types allow designated subject matter experts to track and answer questions that can be posed publicly or privately. Our tip: create a public Ask an Expert group as a hub for questions about the return to work. By aggregating questions and answers in a single, visible place, you can ensure everyone is informed and knows where to go for the latest information. To make this even more streamlined, you can quickly add entire teams to Community groups with a new Supervisor filter.

Modern Workforce Index: Drive performance with data.

The Modern Workforce Index (MWI) puts sophisticated AI into a dashboard that benchmarks you against peer companies and provides actionable tips. Simply through your day-to-day use of Paylocity, MWI helps you identify gaps and gives recommendations —based on best practices from 25,000 clients—to improve productivity and reduce turnover. Learn more here.

If you’re already a Paylocity client, you visit the Product Training Catalog or PEAK for more details: