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June 08, 2022

May 2022 Releases: Enhanced Performance Feedback, Timecard Corrections, and More
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Recent research confirms that organizations that enable employees to have frequent check-ins with feedback are often predictors of high-performing organizations with increased efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our May product releases will help drive meaningful, ongoing feedback and other improvements throughout the year to improve employee engagement and retention.

Use ongoing feedback to help employees grow and develop

Quickly and easily collect feedback from peers, managers, and direct reports for true 360 feedback. This feedback can be requested at any time by anyone, meaning employees can take an active role in seeking real-time feedback about themselves and adjust their performance between review cycles. Create custom forms to follow your company's unique standards for collecting feedback or start with out-of-the-box templates that follow industry best practices. Dashboards make it simple to monitor feedback requests and responses, and supervisors can view consolidated summary reports of feedback results for easy-to-access context around an employee’s performance.

Community Plus, launched last month, includes premium capabilities like chat, file sharing, and automatically-created team groups—offering another way to drive connection and conversation year-round, instead of just during review cycles. Mountainside Fitness SVP of HR noted that they’re “able to get more administrative work done, but still have that personal touch with each employee. And Paylocity becomes the driver for the rest of their career with us.”

Minimize payroll errors

Inefficient time collection and management creates headaches for employees and supervisors not to mention, it opens the door for payroll errors down the line. That’s why our platform offers features like schedule policies and open shift claiming even on mobile. Now, employees can request to add or delete punches, or edit punch times, types, cost center assignments, and/or punch notes. Rather than the burden of time corrections being on supervisors—or corrections being overlooked entirely until after payroll—supervisors can simply review and approve changes, which will then update the timecard.

A new pre-submit payroll edit also helps eliminate payroll mistakes by flagging if terminated employees are included in a batch.

Painlessly manage permissions

A new Permissions tab makes it more straightforward than ever to improve platform security by ensuring users have access to what they need—but not what they shouldn’t. Users with access to Security Roles will now see a new “Permissions” tab that bundles the historical menu items and tabs. Single checkbox actions will allow you to more easily manage specific security role permissions. Initially, controls for User Access and Surveys will be available, with more workspaces added shortly.

If you’re already a Paylocity client, visit the Product Training Catalog, or PEAK for more details:  


Build Communication and Connection With Video

Engage with your employees in a way they love and are used to: premium video. Swap text for video for things like job descriptions, welcome messages, bite-sized learning, project updates, and more. And better yet? Do it all from our secure, integrated, all-in-one platform!

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