What’s New Blog | May 2024

June 18, 2024

May 2024 releases include recommended contributors in Performance, recommended reports, Community announcements to multiple groups, and more.

In 2023, Paylocity became the pioneering HCM vendor to integrate Generative AI into its platform. Since then, we've continued to introduce additional generative AI features and personalized AI-powered recommendations. In May, we launched a range of features including AI-driven recommendations in Performance and Reporting, multi-group posting in Community, additional Learning Management System (LMS) analytics, and more to enhance employee engagement and elevate your analytics capabilities.

Coworker feedback is a valuable component of a well-rounded performance review process. It provides diverse insights and promotes a more inclusive and effective evaluation system. When employees write their performance reviews, they will receive suggestions for coworkers to request feedback from, streamlining the feedback collection process with just a single click. Our recommendation engine curates a list of potential contributors based on reporting structure and Community interactions like peers with the same job title, colleagues sharing the same manager, coworkers they’ve interacted with in the system, and those from whom they’ve received or given recognition.

Quickly find relevant reports and streamline your data analysis process

You can also take advantage of recommendations in reporting. When accessing dynamic reports, you will be provided with a curated list of the five most popular dynamic reports that your company uses, making your reporting experience more efficient and effective. We’ve also given the reporting landing page a new look to provide you with a more intuitive experience! When accessing this page, you will now be greeted with pagination and enhanced filter options within the report list grid to ensure a smoother and more organized process.

Improve workflow efficiency and enhance communication within the organization

Easily post a single announcement in Community across multiple groups with one simple action, eliminating the need for duplicating efforts or wasting time on recreating announcements. This streamlined approach allows you to effortlessly share important updates across all the groups you manage. You can even edit or delete announcements across all your groups simultaneously or make changes to individual groups, giving you complete control over your messaging.

Enhance accuracy and utility of skills and certification records

Efficiently add or edit employee-level skills and certifications in bulk using an Excel file making it easier and faster than ever to maintain accurate records. And with our updated template, new fields such as effective/issue date, issuing organization, issuing state/country, license/cert/ID number, cost, instructor, and training/ceu hours are now included to align with today's Skills & Certifications fields.

Create better visibility into off-cycle checks

Easily label off-cycle check dates with specific names, significantly improving organization and clarity. No more confusion when trying to distinguish between different off-cycle checks. Now, easily identify and select the correct off-cycle check date during payroll processing, ensuring smoother and more efficient payroll management.

Promote financial wellness with a new integration

A new integration is now available on Paylocity's Marketplace: Tapcheck. Beyond their earned wage access offering, Tapcheck offers a financial wellness learning library that includes valuable modules on budgeting, investing, tax preparation, and more. Effortlessly sync employee financial data with Paylocity, ensuring smooth payroll processes and providing the financial flexibility employees desire. 

If you’re already a Paylocity client, visit the Product Training Catalog, or PEAK for more details:


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