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July 09, 2019

A smooth implementation, streamlined workflows, and powerful integrations enabled Tangent Technologies and its two-person HR department to evolve at just the right time, as its manual processes were reaching their limits when its workforce more than doubled.

The Challenge

Over the past decade, Tangent Technologies has experienced remarkable growth thanks to its high-quality products, innovative approach to vertical integration, and success in leveraging the rising “green” industry. Tangent started producing recycled and structural-grade plastic lumber for a variety of outdoor applications in 2011 with about 60 employees. Today, Tangent is a thriving enterprise with a highly-skilled, technical workforce of more than 150 professionals with plans to expand geographically. The HR department struggled to keep up, manually managing expanding payroll tasks, HR needs, and vacation requests, and Tangent needed a solution as future-minded as it was.

The Approach

To streamline and automate manual processes, Tangent’s HR Manager, Dan Shire, leaned on his previous experience using various HCM platforms. Having used ADP, Paychex, and Paylocity in the past, Shire knew he could trust Paylocity to deliver a level of hands-on service that would be critical. It was equally important that Paylocity offers an array of future-proof solutions that could easily scale to accommodate Tangent’s evolving needs.

Easy Implementation and Intuitive Workflow 

Paylocity’s proactive, client-first approach ensured Tangent’s implementation experience was simple and efficient. With a primary focus on managing its core payroll functions, Tangent first implemented HR & Payroll to manage its main payroll responsibilities. Tangent was then able to empower its employees with the Self-Service Portal to access their personal information, easily view and update their personal data, request time off, and more—all on a single screen.

“My experience with Paylocity was very positive back at my last company. The customer service was fantastic-and still is today.”

Dan Shira, HR Manager

To further automate, Tangent introduced Time & Labor, an intuitive time and attendance tracking tool. Now, the company can easily assign and delegate tasks to managers and employees to ensure an evenly distributed workflow—allowing for a clear view of work allocation, enhanced productivity, and improved efficiency.

Custom Integration Services 

After launching a 401(k) program for employees with its provider, Ascensus, Tangent feared integration between its system and Paylocity was not viable. Stepping up to the challenge, Paylocity worked directly with the Ascensus team to address issues and properly set up an integration within a few weeks. Now, employee 401(k) data can flow effortlessly and securely from one platform to the other and vice versa. This not only eliminates redundant tasks from being performed but also ensures employees deductions are reflected quickly and accurately in their paychecks.

As Tangent continues to grow and add to its workforce, the company trusts Paylocity for innovative solutions and dedicated, day-to-day service that take responsibilities off the Tangent HR team’s plate.

The Payoff


With Paylocity’s HCM solution in place, Tangent now has access to modern, easy-to-use tools that allow it to focus on its mission of being a cutting-edge, technology-driven enterprise. As it prepares for potential geographic expansion, Tangent is considering additional Paylocity modules such as Benefit Administration and Onboarding to streamline other currently tedious processes of the business.

Prioritizing Growth and Employee Engagement

For now, taking Tangent to the next level by minimizing turnover and keeping employee satisfaction high remains a top priority for Shire and his team. With Paylocity’s Performance Management tool, Shire is now able to focus on doing so with features such as goal-setting, performance reviews, and ongoing feedback. Together with the ability to conveniently access employee data and activities through a single system, Tangent is able to continuously gain a deeper understanding of company performance with a data insights dashboard that shows employee metrics, such as demographics, turnover, and labor costs.

As the Tangent-Paylocity partnership continues to grow, a singular commitment to dedicated, personalized service has remained constant at every turn. In fact, when asked about the value that Paylocity offers, Shire stated it simply: “In a word: service.”


Maximize Productivity the Right Way 

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