High-Touch Service & Seamless Integration

July 31, 2019

Integration and automation helped Sullivan Tire and Auto Service manage its increasingly complex operations, resolve a growing disconnect between departments, and, most importantly, maintain its close-knit culture even as it grew to more than 100 locations.

The Challenge

Founded in 1955, Bob Sullivan set out with a mission to treat everyone like family. Currently, Sullivan Tire proudly operates locations across five states, including automotive care centers, distribution centers, and commercial tire and diesel service operations. Despite the excitement of such rapid growth, Sullivan Tire was constrained by inefficient, manual processes and growing needs across the business. To boost operational efficiency, they implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365, an enterprise resource planning system, but found its existing HCM solution could not interface with it. Sullivan Tire worked with another major payroll provider for a decade, but this limitation led it to search for a partner that could better meet its evolving HR needs.

The Approach

Thoughtful and Seamless Integration

Sullivan Tire conducted a formal proposal request process to review the HR platform providers capable of interfacing with Dynamics 365. When Paylocity responded to the RFP, it stood out because it could seamlessly integrate with the Dynamics system, while streamlining operations through a web-based platform and providing an improved employee experience. Sullivan’s HR Generalist Cortney Barkdoll was also attracted to Paylocity’s exceptional, personalized customer service, which fell right in line with Sullivan’s focus on family-like relationships.

The partnership paid off immediately through a customized, two-phase implementation that allowed the small HR team to onboard solutions at a comfortable pace. Laurie Fadden, Manager of Employee Development at Sullivan, was impressed with Paylocity’s best-practices approach and how well it outlined timelines and hit milestones.

“I really like that they are constantly innovating and adding to their products. Others try to sell you a product out of the box and you have to fit into that box. With Paylocity, it’s the other way around.”

Cortney Barkdoll, HR Generalist

Paylocity followed the project delivery plan at each stage, helping Sullivan Tire roll out HR & Payroll first, with Benefit Administration following a few months later. Thanks to Paylocity’s solutions, Sullivan Tire was able to make benefits enrollment—which used to be a frustrating, time-consuming, manual process—a much more streamlined and intuitive process for everyone. Sullivan Tire estimates its HR team saves 200 hours of administrative work each year through the ability to automate these tasks and reduce back-office administration.

Paylocity’s Self-Service Portal has also enhanced and expedited the employee experience by giving them modern, instant access to their personal information. Employees can log in via any browser or use the Paylocity Mobile App to enroll in benefits, set up direct deposit, change tax information, and if needed, sign up for COBRA coverage. The portal’s customizable home page gives the company another tool for communicating benefit and seasonal information to its employees.

Continuous growth means Sullivan Tire relies more and more on timely, accurate reporting to stay informed and in compliance. Paylocity was able to consolidate multiple spreadsheets into one report, while also helping Barkdoll’s team create customized reports that further enhance operations.

The Payoff

A Close Partnership Sets the Course for Success

Sullivan Tire has been exceptionally pleased with the high-touch customer service it has received from Paylocity. Barkdoll says, “Having a dedicated Paylocity team member is really beneficial because they get to know about us and know our intricacies and what we do differently.” This intimate knowledge allows its Paylocity Account Manager to suggest solutions and improvements, and help the HR team quickly course correct.

The simplified operations and seamless integration Sullivan Tire originally sought is paying off with significant time savings. Changes made in one system flow to the other, updating data across the board. Smooth integration for 401(k) contributions and other electronic actions improve data exchange with benefits vendors. And now that employees have convenient, intuitive access to their benefits online or via mobile app, Sullivan Tire has seen benefits enrollment increase significantly.

The company has high praise for Paylocity’s willingness to listen to feedback and its constant search for better ways to serve its clients. Barkdoll also appreciates that Paylocity thoroughly tests new solutions and enhancements before deploying them to clients. And now that Paylocity has been welcomed into the family, Sullivan Tire is looking to expand their relationship and add more HR solutions in the future.


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