International Software Company Makes Global Payroll Simple with Paylocity

March 29, 2023

Learn how Momentus Technologies is using Paylocity to super charge and simplify their global payroll operations.

As a global leader in venue and event management software solutions, Momentus Technologies serves a growing community of more than 50,000 event professionals around the world. Offering solutions for both event and venue management, the company is constantly developing new and enhanced functionality to provide clients with a best-in-class, comprehensive and fully integrated events platform.

To get groundbreaking features to market quickly, Momentus aims to attract, hire, and retain the best software engineers in the business. In an incredibly competitive labor market, this means harnessing top talent from around the world. The company currently employs people in 10 countries on four continents, and its staff in the US are spread across multiple states.

Working remotely in geographically distributed teams is common practice throughout the software development industry, but it still causes administrative challenges. Employers like Momentus must be careful to comply with local labor laws and tax regulations for each state and country where its employees live and work.

Each time an employee is hired in a new country, it multiplies the level of complexity for HR processes such as recruiting, onboarding, payroll, and reporting. To keep this complexity under control while retaining the flexibility to hire globally, Momentus decided to shift from its existing ADP and Namely platforms to a more modern, powerful solution: Paylocity.

“Paylocity gives our leadership team one source of truth that we can use to analyze all our people data from payroll to performance. ”

Mike Cameron, Vice President of People and Culture, Momentus Technologies

The Challenge

Complex International Compliance Issues Create HR and Payroll Headaches

Manual processes and a lack of integration made it difficult to align with local labor and tax laws in multiple states and countries.

Spreadsheet-based Payroll Processes Cause Errors and Delays
For several years, Momentus had been using ADP Streamline to manage its international payroll. “We used to joke that it was anything but streamlined,” recalls Mike Cameron, Vice President of People and Culture. “Effectively, we had to maintain a spreadsheet for each country which we loaded into our ADP domestic payroll system. There was no consistency around the process, and no real integration to govern the flow of data.”

The result was hours of manual work for the payroll team, and a two-week lead time for international payroll. This meant that international employees could end up waiting almost six weeks to see a raise or bonus reflected in their paychecks.

Changing Regulations Complicate Compliance
Compliance was complex too. Staying on top of changes to local tax and labor regulations in each state and country was a huge responsibility for the HR team. While the individual payroll providers that Momentus used in each country each had expertise in their own domain, there was no central place where the HR team could go to ask questions or get support.

Moreover, the local providers each provided data in different formats, which made it difficult to report on key metrics such as employee turnover and fully loaded costs. This lack of visibility into its international employees limited the company's ability to make well-informed decisions about the workforce as a whole.

Manual Onboarding Undermines the Employee Experience
The paperwork problems weren’t limited to existing employees; bringing new people on board was another pain-point. To complete the onboarding process, the HR team had to rekey data manually from one system to another. This time-consuming workflow caused delays and often meant that new hires spent their first day at the company plowing through paperwork instead of bonding with their team.

“Paylocity touches on each of the parts of the employee lifecycle from onboarding through exit. It’s really nice to have that full range of capabilities in one platform and be able to bring all the data together in one place. ”

Mike Cameron, Vice President of People and Culture, Momentus Technologies

The Solution

One Source of Truth for Global Payroll, Onboarding, and Insights

Paylocity gives Momentus accurate, consistent, timely access to HR and payroll information across 10 countries.

Integrated Payroll Processes Simplify Compliance
By moving to Paylocity, Momentus has transformed its fragmented international payroll processes. Paylocity’s Global Payroll solution not only integrates and standardizes dataflows between Paylocity and the company’s international payroll partners, but also provides instant access to experts in each country. With up-to-date advice on how to maintain compliance with local labor and tax regulations, the service provides peace of mind and frees the Momentus HR team to focus on employee services, not legal issues.

Meanwhile, for employees working in the US, Paylocity’s core Payroll platform automatically manages local state taxes, saving hours of effort for the payroll team. It also automatically calculates retrospective pay when an employee’s compensation changes, so the team no longer needs to spend time tracking raises manually.

Paperless Onboarding Facilitates International Recruitment
Paylocity’s Onboarding tool also supports Momentus in its flexible international hiring strategy. By providing an entirely paperless onboarding process, the solution makes it easier for Momentus to bring new talent into the business, integrate them into their teams, and empower them to work productively from day one. The company also uses the Learning tool to schedule training sessions automatically and track when employees have completed each module.

Regular Surveys Monitor Engagement from Onboarding to Exit
Momentus uses Paylocity Surveys to ensure that employees continue to feel supported throughout their time at the company—from onboarding, through regular check-in surveys, to exit interviews. Insights & Recommendations then empowers HR and leadership teams to take a deep dive into employee engagement and satisfaction, as well as monitoring key metrics such as employee turnover and fully loaded costs.


The Results

Empowering an International Workforce

Paylocity makes global payroll simple and scalable, giving Momentus the flexibility it needs to hire, reward, and retain the best international talent.

Single Payroll System Simplifies International Expansion
By integrating US and international payroll data into a single, trusted system of record with Paylocity, Momentus now has the firm foundation it needs to continue to scale its development teams—and its business. The company already supports customers in more than 50 countries, and as its international expansion continues, the ability to hire employees in local markets quickly and easily could unlock significant competitive advantage.

Paperless Processes Cut HR Workload by 90%
The Paylocity platform offers much more than just payroll—it supports the whole employee lifecycle from onboarding to exit. It also eliminates hours of manual work for employees and HR by introducing paperless processes and streamlined dataflows. For example, the Momentus HR team estimates a 90% time saving by replacing manual onboarding tasks with automated workflows.

Instant Insight Guides Smarter Strategic Decisions
Paylocity also gives Momentus leadership a single place where they can analyze HR information and correlate it with company financials to make smarter strategic decisions. As a software business, people are the company's main asset, and salaries are its main expense—so understanding employee data is critical for business performance.

Mike concludes: “Paylocity gives us accurate data, instant insight, and automated processes that help us manage our people and run our business more efficiently. Beyond the software itself, the support we get from Paylocity is outstanding. We never have to wait on the phone. They know us, they understand our business, they listen to our ideas, and they’re always ready to help. That’s a real breath of fresh air in this space.”

“With Global Payroll we don’t have to worry about compliance and figure out legislation in 10 different countries. Paylocity’s support system, with local subject-matter experts in each country, has been invaluable to us.”

Kristin Hess, Global Payroll Manager, Momentus Technologies


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