Nonprofit Digs Out of Paperwork to a Bright Future

November 09, 2021

Universal Metro Asian Services (UMAS) automated nightly data tracking and saved 350 hours to set the stage for a bright future.

The Challenge

UMAS has stretched out a helping hand to immigrant populations from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America for decades. Offering homecare services and adult daycare services in native languages, they share a care-driven, family-run company culture with all of their clients.


“Employee requests are fewer and fewer, and our administrative burden is down by 50%. Freedom from non-critical tasks has been a huge value driver.”

Sagar Kumar, Operations Director, UMAS


When COVID-19 hit, the people at UMAS quickly realized the business’s evolution needed to speed up drastically to keep up with changing times. UMAS didn’t have the technology to keep up on the backend of their vital community-driven work, and it became clear that their existing HR solution wasn’t working well for their 2,400-member staff. With multiple systems for measuring, tracking, and reporting, UMAS leadership needed to prioritize integration and efficiency when searching for a new provider. They needed a platform that would be a single source of truth for company updates and information due to disconnected systems.

The Solution

UMAS turned to Paylocity for a solution that saved work hours, reduced unnecessary requests, and freed up personnel to focus on the tasks most relevant to their skillsets. UMAS’ existing systems easily integrated into Paylocity’s platform. Paylocity prioritized the integration of the Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) Electronic Visit Verification Software (EVV) which allowed for automation of some mandated reports. Operations Director Sagar Kumar and his team used to manually pull reports and compare, enter, and cross-check the data nightly. With Paylocity’s integrations, this nightly spreadsheet is completely automated.


“Paylocity took time to really understand our use case and understand our company policies. ”

Sagar Kumar, Operations Director, UMAS


The integrations opened doors for UMAS from a timesaving perspective but also cut down on the number of programs and interfaces the team at UMAS has to learn and navigate on a daily basis. Sagar notes, “What differentiates Paylocity from everyone else is they gave us a test database for as long as we wanted it. That was something no one else was willing to do.” Once Sagar and his team felt comfortable with Paylocity’s upgrades, it was a no-brainer to implement the software.

UMAS’ behind-the-scenes personnel wear many hats. As a consequence, the HR team was pulled in multiple directions. Clean data and integration with the state mandated EVV software, in particular, are critically important, even beyond compliance. “The state uses the EVV to audit us. That's how we get paid, and that's how we do payroll,” says Sagar. “Now, we're sharing the workload of data changes and maintaining data integrity.”

The Results

Paylocity worked closely with UMAS to set up the system to fit their specific and  unique needs so they will be saving hundreds of hours over the course of the year. Sagar reflects, “Paylocity took time to really understand our use case and understand our company policies.” And from that understanding, risky data became precise, accurate data. Improving compliance by integrating systems saves the team upwards of 80 hours of work per year, increasing efficiency and keeping critical data safe and within the same system.

Even better, all 28 supervisors can onboard employees themselves, saving HR about two hours per new hire. With about 150 new hires a year, UMAS' teams are saving approximately 300 hours a year in onboarding alone. And streamlined onboarding means getting new staff in to work faster and acquiring funding from the state more easily.


“Because we get audited by the state, the ease of use with all the paperwork and data in the same system is game changing for our company and our industry, really.”

Sager Kumar, Operations Director, UMAS


The UMAS of the future needed simplified communication. With Community, UMAS employees can use the mobile app to connect, share information, and bond with coworkers through Community groups anywhere they go. Remote work is no longer a pain point. With communication, data integration, and self-service up and running, a priority for UMAS is entering historical data into the Paylocity system. Sagar explains, “It’s a huge undertaking to get all those paper documents into Paylocity, but we’re already starting to see a huge efficiency shift change.” HR can also start tracking retention data for their large workforce, adding another layer of efficiency to their business model. “Employee requests are fewer and fewer, and our administrative burden is down by 50%,” says Sager. “Freedom from non-critical tasks has been a huge value driver.” With Paylocity, UMAS will be able to focus more on the future – helping their employees to serve immigrant clients in new ways.


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