5 Moments That Matter for an Employee-First Experience

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A record 47 million American workers voluntarily quit their jobs in 2021, making recruiting and retention an urgent priority for organizations across industries. And with employees working remotely more than ever before and juggling constant change, HR leaders are focused on all aspects of employee experience, from individual health and relational health to a healthy work environment. Technology plays a key role in helping to foster a connection and collaboration, but traditional HCMs are limited to solving just part of a company’s automation journey. In fact, 48% of CHROs say “their current HR technology solutions hinder, rather than improve, employee experience.”

Our latest infographic guides you through 5 key moments that make for an employee-first experience that today’s workforce craves. Learn how to:

  • Showcase a welcoming, inclusive culture with personalized communication
  • Streamline critical processes to enhance and not disrupt experience
  • Foster transparency and invite employee voices into important conversations
  • Navigate disruption effectively with data-driven insights and people-driven technology

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