Level Up Engagement, Learning, and Performance with Video

October 07, 2020

When it comes to keeping your employees’ attention, asynchronous video could be the key to enhanced communication, engagement, learning, and performance at work.

The battle for your employees’ attention is on, and the challenge of creating meaningful, impactful opportunities to connect and collaborate is only growing more complicated. Engaging your workforce is a top priority, but figuring out just how to accomplish that on a daily basis can feel like a mystery. With more of your employees working remotely than ever before, the thought of another email or conference call doesn’t seem like the effective answer either.

Enhancing experiences for your employees and candidates isn’t as hard to achieve as it sounds. The latest buzz is around how asynchronous (meaning not happening live, at the same time it’s being viewed) video not only captures attention more effectively but also promotes information recall than text or audio alone. In fact, research suggests a mere 60 seconds of video is worth 1.8 million words.

Imagine how much more a video could accomplish in all the tasks you do daily. You could share critical company update or leadership messages more effectively. You could better communicate your culture and personalize the recruiting and onboarding experience. You could inject even more authenticity in recognition for colleagues. And you can accomplish all these things by delivering impactful messages without coordinating schedules for live meetings.

Get our infographic to learn how video can level up employee engagement, learning, and performance to help your company keep up with the evolving modern workplace. And don’t miss our blog on how you can communicate more without clogging up your inbox using video.

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Embed employee experience features from recruiting, onboarding, and beyond with tools built for the modern workforce. Kick off day one with a welcome message using video. Connect your employees with collaboration tools and peer groups. Develop your team with relevant and interesting training. Keep the conversation going with surveys. And do it all while automating and collecting data to proactively make improvements.

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