HR Compliance Through the Employee Lifecycle

April 05, 2023

Use this quick-reference infographic to align your policies, training, and practices with key employment legislation — and avoid costly penalties.

Not surprisingly, breaking the law is expensive. But compliance is more than a set of rules that employers must follow. It’s part of your culture and a demonstration of your company’s integrity. 

Employees are counting on you to have their best interests in mind, starting when they apply and throughout their career with your company. Take a look at the compliance journey from your employees’ point of view and consider these questions:  

  • How do you build awareness about compliance laws and policies in each phase of the employee lifecycle? 
  • How do you measure that employees are consistently following compliant practices? 
  • Do managers need any additional training (about hiring, communication, performance evaluation) to better understand their role in maintaining compliance? 

Employment laws are complex, and the risks of noncompliance are steep. Check out our blog, HR Compliance 101: Fundamentals for HR Professionals to learn about additional requirements and strategies that will help you stay ahead of ever-changing legislation.


Keep Up With Compliance

Between constantly changing employment laws and updates to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), keeping your workplace compliant can be a time-consuming and costly challenge. Eliminate the stress and stay up to date with our Compliance Dashboard. View compliance alerts and get a bird’s eye view of what you need to do to avoid fines and penalties.


Manage HR Compliance