Finding Your Unique Style with Jade Simmons

January 06, 2023

HR professionals must take advantage of the moment and believe in their own expertise.
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Jade Simmons is a classically trained concert pianist who, over time, has added speaking to her audience and mixing different genres of music into her repertoire to create what she calls "concert adventures." Simmons believes that imposter syndrome can be overcome by focusing on creating something new instead of imitating what has come before. Listen in as Jade Simmons and host Shari Simpson discuss how HR professionals can bring their creative, unique, and necessary perspective to the table with a bigger and bolder voice.

Acclaimed creator of mind-blowing transformational experiences and named one of the “Best Keynote Speakers” (Northstar Meetings), Jade spent the first few years of her career performing as a classical concert pianist. Following an artistic epiphany, she pivoted from playing the piano to impress audiences to using the piano as the vehicle by which to provide the inspiration, entertainment, and transformation that profoundly moves them instead. The results have been, well…darn impressive.

No stranger to pushing boundaries to see bold results, this concert pianist turned world changer is brought in by the likes of corporations like Barron’s, Mass Mutual, Royal Bank of Canada, DOW, Raytheon, the Hershey Company, Genentech, Valic, Pfizer, and Nationwide to redefine purpose, inspire seismic shifts in mindset, and activate audiences to go out and instantly start living more consequential lives of impact.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Jade Simmons

World-class concert pianist, powerhouse activational speaker and CEO
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