Understanding Neurodiversity in the Workplace with Jenny Jeep Johnson

February 02, 2023

ADHD really is a superpower.

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Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace positively impacts work by increasing innovation and creativity, improving problem-solving abilities, and creating a better understanding of the needs and strengths of all employees. Join host Shari Simpson and guest Jenny Jeep Johnson as they address common misconceptions and stigmas surrounding neurodiversity, highlighting the importance of education and open-mindedness in creating a more inclusive work environment.

As a proud Millennial, Jenny Jeep Johnson's resume and interests read a bit like a tasting menu. Formal education includes BA in Theatre and English from Marquette University, a Juris Doctor from NIU Law, and continuing education certificates from Cornell University. Jenny has acted professionally, held public office, established herself as a public speaker, and won multiple sales awards. Her most recent adventure has her managing accounts for a luxury appliance company while raising three children with her husband and two rascally dogs.

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Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership
Jenny Jeep Johnson

Jenny Jeep Johnson

Actor, Speaker, Lawyer, Sales Leader
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