Becoming a Better Leader: Leading Like a Buffalo with Dan Kopp

August 01, 2023

Feeling overwhelmed as a leader? Find out how to navigate your emotions and lead with confidence.
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In this episode, military veteran Dan Kopp talks about the leadership lessons he learned during his service and how they apply to the corporate world. Dan emphasizes the importance of taking care of your people and highlights the universal nature of leadership. We discuss how leadership styles may change between different contexts and reflect on the transferability of military leadership to the private sector. This conversation offers valuable insights for the HR community and anyone interested in effective leadership.

Dan Kopp is originally from Platteville, WI. After high school, he entered the United States Army as a military police officer serving in various leadership roles in Frankfurt, Germany; The Republic of Panamá; and Fort Devens, MA. Dan then transitioned to public education, where he ultimately held several executive roles. Now, he actively leads and practices situational leadership while focusing on those he serves. In 2022, Dan followed his passion and started Leading Like a Buffalo, in which he not only does keynote presentations but also continues to train, coach, and mentor leaders across the country. In September 2022, Dan released his first book: The Power of Me Leadership: 9 Leadership Tenets for EVERY Leader, in which he discusses tenets that will help everyone become a better leader.


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Dan Kopp

Author | Veteran | Founder
Leading Like a Buffalo

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