Closing the Gap: Bridging the Divide Between Young Professionals and Employers with Kamber Parker

December 04, 2023

It's amazing how much we can learn from the younger generation!

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In this episode of the HR Mixtape podcast, host Shari Simpson interviews Kamber Parker, founder of the YoPro Know. They discuss the gap between young professionals and employers and debunk some common misconceptions about Gen Z and Millennials in the workplace.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The importance of embracing intergenerational communication to bridge the gap between different generations in the workplace.
  2. The impact of AI on young professionals' roles and the need to train them in AI to ensure future success.
  3. The significance of understanding young professionals' communication preferences and incorporating them into workplace communication strategies.

Voted as Young Professional of the Year for the Greenville Chamber in 2021, Small Business of the Year in 2022, and recently awarded the SC Women In Business Award, speaker and consultant Kamber Parker started her company The YoPro Know in 2018, a platform designed to be the bridge between ambitious young professionals and the companies that wish to hire them and most importantly, retain them. Kamber has spent the last 5 years interviewing thousands of young professionals identifying their key struggles, successes, and ultimately, ways to make them more successful in the workplace. Her business offers consulting services for companies looking to increase young professional recruitment, retention, and engagement, and she is passionate about supporting workforce development efforts.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership
Kamber Parker

Kamber Parker

Founder & CEO
The YoPro Know

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