Driving Workplace Innovation: Navigating the Tech Landscape with SHRM Labs Guillermo Corea

July 17, 2023

Discover how SHRM Labs is empowering HR professionals with resources and tools to navigate the world of disruptive technology.

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In this episode, Guillermo Corea, a member of the SHRM Labs team, shares his journey into the HR field and discusses the work of SHRM Labs. As a three-year-old team, SHRM Labs supports SHRM in becoming a thought leader in workplace innovation. Guillermo highlights the importance of HR in leading workplace innovation and emphasizes the role of HR in managing the number one resource: people. Tune in to learn more about Guillermo's background and the exciting work happening at SHRM Labs.

Guillermo Corea has been involved in digital technology for over 20 years and is currently the Managing Director for SHRMLabs, SHRM's Workplace Innovation Laboratory and venture capital arm. Previously, as Director, Digital Media and Business Development at SHRM, he led e-commerce operations and identified non-dues revenue opportunities through a variety of activities, including business and product development and content and technology partnerships. Prior to joining SHRM, he spent three years as Director, Project Management for Scripps Networks' community platform, a social engagement feature serving a broad audience of Food Network, HGTV, and Travel Channel consumers.

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