Mental Health Mindfulness with Ashley Nelson

March 21, 2023

Craving a serious upgrade in your team's self-care department? Look no further. Tune in for self-care tactics and helpful advice for improving employee mental wellbeing.
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Feeling like your employees’ mental health could use a boost? Then join us on this mindfulness journey and learn how to level up their self-care game up! We'll discuss topics such as meditation, stress management, healthy habits, and more. Experts share their real experiences in the field so you can gain helpful advice for improving employee mental wellbeing.

Ashley Nelson and her team at Inseus are dedicated to transforming lives through evidence-based mindfulness, emotional intelligence and leadership development programs, consulting, and speaking engagements. Ashley is passionate about unlocking the full potential of individuals and organizations by helping people become a more resilient, effective content version of themselves. Drawing upon her experience as a mindfulness practitioner, Fortune 500 senior level executive, entrepreneur, mother and partner, she empowers people to thrive and elevate performance through practice improving communication, awareness, empathy, compassionate leadership, collaboration and resilience.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Ashley Nelson


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