Organizational Network Analysis in Performance Management with Josh Merrill

March 12, 2024

Are traditional performance reviews outdated?

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Join host Shari Simpson and Josh Merrill, CEO and founder of Confirm, as they discuss the innovative approach to performance reviews using Organizational Network Analysis (ONA). In this episode, Josh shares his journey from Carta to founding Confirm, highlighting the importance of understanding employee influence and impact.

Josh founded Confirm ​​in 2019 with the goal of fixing performance reviews. Grounded in the science of Organizational Network Analysis, Confirm empowers leaders with a true view of each employee’s influence, impact and actual contribution in order to retain their top talent. Since the company’s inception, Confirm has landed a spot on FastCo’s 2023 List of World Changing Ideas and is one of only five HR tech solutions accepted into SHRM's 2023 Accelerator program, SHRMLabs


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Josh Merrill

CEO & Founder

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