Reddit HR: Answering the Internet's Most Burning HR Questions with John Baldino

March 28, 2023

HR experts take on the toughest questions from Reddit in our wildest episode yet.
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HR experts have an answer to all of your HR questions, but no one has an HR expert for a friend — until now. We've rounded up the best HR influencers to answer a range of HR questions Redditors have asked, from wage negotiations to job openings and everything in between. Join us as we hear their answers and get ready to learn something new!

John Baldino founded Humareso to strategize with companies to develop plans to manage talent, recruit for skills gaps based on employee inventories, assess markets for growth, develop long-range succession plans, and influence a culture of enthusiastic buy-in. Humareso provides outsourced human resource services, including its flagship HRO plan, which helps businesses save money, increase productivity, and reduce legal risks by providing dedicated HR consulting for compliance, training, performance management, employee relations, workplace management, discipline, and other important HR best practices. John has a Bachelor's degree in English and a Master's degree in HR Development and has 27 years of experience in Human Resources. His areas of expertise include Performance and Change Management, Organizational Development, and Leadership Development.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

John Baldino


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