Tackling Juicy HR Questions with Kyra Matkovich

January 02, 2024

Are you ready to level up and learn from uncomfortable experiences?

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In this episode of the HR Mixtape podcast, host Shari Simpson is joined by guest Kyra Matkovich to tackle some juicy HR questions sourced from the internet. They discuss topics like addressing discrepancies in employee information, renaming holiday events for inclusivity, dealing with condescending behavior from a C-suite leader, handling an employee with a drinking problem, and navigating a challenging relationship with an internal candidate.

Key Takeaways:

  1. When addressing discrepancies in employee information, it's important to approach the conversation with sensitivity and offer support rather than making assumptions or judgments. 
  2. Inclusive language and renaming events can help create a more welcoming and inclusive workplace environment, especially when it comes to holiday celebrations. 
  3. Dealing with challenging behavior from a C-suite leader requires open and honest communication, setting clear expectations, and documenting any inappropriate incidents. It's crucial to prioritize the well-being of employees and hold leaders accountable for their actions.

Kyra Matkovich, SHRM-CP, PHR is a Principal HR Business Partner with over 25 years of business and HR experience in multiple industries including biotech, healthcare, insurance, nonprofit, and government. Her passion is people and creating meaningful work experiences by helping organizations connect HR initiatives with business strategy, with a special emphasis on fun, collaboration, and leadership development. 


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership
Kyra Matkovich

Kyra Matkovich

Principal Human Resources Business Partner
Exact Sciences

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