The Future of Connection and Engagement in the Workplace with Woodrie Burich

February 06, 2024

Dive into the depths of connection and engagement in the workplace and discover how organizations and individuals can truly make a difference.

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In this episode of the HR Mixtape podcast, host Shari Simpson interviews Woodrie Burich, an expert in setting boundaries and cultivating intentional conversations in the workplace. They discuss the challenges of the hybrid work environment and how water cooler chats have been replaced by virtual interactions. Woodry emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and creating a culture of permission to avoid burnout and promote wellbeing.

Key Ideas:

  1. The need for intentional conversations and cultivating deeper connections in virtual workspaces.
  2. The importance of setting boundaries and creating cultures of permission to avoid overworking and burnout.
  3. The impact of multitasking on cognitive and emotional control, and the need for focus and attention in the workplace.

Get valuable insights and strategies for navigating the evolving dynamics of connection and engagement in the workplace, especially in the context of remote work and technological advancements.

An award-winning thought leader, author, Forbes Coaches Council Member, and TEDx speaker, Woodrie is known for her proprietary approach to setting boundaries and building sustainable strategies in fast-paced and high-demand environments. She brings 20+ years of senior leadership and change management expertise working with Fortune 500 companies on global tech projects and billion-dollar merger & acquisition work. She’s won Stevie Awards for her Achievements in Thought Leadership and as Female Thought Leader of the Year.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Woodrie Burich

CEO and Founder
The Integration Group

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