Paylocity Introduces Premium Video Across Platform to Provide More Dynamic, Asynchronous Workplace Communication

September 22, 2020

Learn about Premium Video, the video solution that is now integrated into a variety of Paylocity solutions.

SCHAUMBURG, IL., September 22 2020 Paylocity (NASDAQ: PCTY), a leading provider of cloud-based HR and payroll software solutions, today announces new Premium Video capabilities within its platform. With the modern workforce craving solutions to enable flexible communication, Premium Video is a new offering in Paylocity’s product suite that is poised to meet employee needs. The video solution is now integrated into a variety of Paylocity solutions, including Community, Performance Journals, Surveys, Recruiting and Onboarding.

“As much of the professional world continues to work remotely, employees have become accustomed to collaborating with colleagues through synchronous communications solutions like Zoom, email and instant messaging. While remote work has its perks, it’s become clear that employees also want communication that happens outside of routine meetings and email to recreate the in-person collaboration they’re missing out on,” said Steve Beauchamp, CEO of Paylocity. “With the addition of Premium Video, we’ve created the only integrated tool on the market that helps organizations fill this void and give employees an opportunity to connect with coworkers in a more meaningful and efficient way.”

Premium Video by Paylocity provides asynchronous communication – recorded video content that is created and consumed as needed instead of on a scheduled timeframe. Paylocity clients can record, upload and play digestible videos within various platform features:

  • Community – Within Paylocity’s social collaboration platform, users can upload or record company-wide video announcements for heightened exposure and engagement. Premium Video also allows employees to post and consume videos within Community’s internal groups to strengthen relationships.
  • Performance Journals – Paylocity’s Performance Management tools like Journals have always been committed to enabling transparent, two-way and continuous feedback between managers and employees. By integrating Premium Video, Journals allow employees to record and share highlights with their managers via video on their own time outside of their routine check-ins. This ensures that performance reviews are more productive and focused on career development.
  • Surveys – To solicit even better and more specific feedback from employees, Premium Video helps organizations hone in on messaging in their Paylocity Surveys. A brief video can be added throughout each Survey to encourage participation, provide instructions and ensure the purpose of gathering feedback on specific topics is clear.
  • Recruiting + Onboarding – Recruiters can swap words for video on their careers pages and job postings. With Premium Video, the hiring process becomes more personal for candidates. Prospective employees can easily determine job and cultural fit through company overview videos. Once new employees are hired, organizations can send videos with overview information or provide a welcome message from the CEO, for example.

Paylocity released its video-enabled Learning Management System (LMS) over a year ago, and the launch of Premium Video will extend its video capabilities across the entire platform. Since launching Premium Video, just last month, over 2,000 videos have been created. The content is comprised of nearly 30,000 minutes of video with over 18,000 views. The Premium Video Experience is an added subscription for Paylocity clients.

Paylocity first showcased its Premium Video capabilities at its virtual Elevate Conference last week for over 3,000 clients, prospects and partners. For more information about Premium Video, please visit