Two Strangers Talking About Work at the Edge of Disruption

September 15, 2023

What happens when a futurist and an innovator meet at the intersection of work and technology? Watch this dynamic dialogue with Elatia Abate and Steve Beauchamp.

One sunny morning just outside Chicago, two strangers came together in a converted factory to talk about people, technology, and the future as it relates to work. 

Sit in on this social experiment with Paylocity Co-CEO Steve Beauchamp and futurist-in-residence Elatia Abate as they challenge each other to imagine what’s coming for the world of work. Hear what excites them — and scares them — about massive technological and global population shifts, and how leaders must start empowering people today so they have the skilled workforce they’ll need tomorrow.  

Discover how these two visionaries think differently about change and how we can leverage disruptive forces to: 

  • Create a community of workers connected by everyday technology. 
  • Harness new technologies like AI to make jobs safer, less repetitive, and more fulfilling. 
  • Break down assumptions about the way things are and open the door to how things can be.

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