Crafting Top-Tier Internship Programs: Best Practices for HR Professionals

September 11, 2023

Whether you're kickstarting your first-ever program or revamping an existing one, we've got the toolkit you need. From best practices and modern innovations to fostering university partnerships, we'll navigate through the maze and straight to success. And hey, beyond all the professional lingo, remember this: it's all about creating memories, molding futures, and shaping the next line of industry leaders.

Key Objectives:

  • Design with purpose: Determine the "why" behind your internship program and learn what to keep in mind.
  • Make the right connections: Think outside of career fairs and build relationships that are long term and impactful.
  • Master the metrics! Discover how to measure the success of your program, gather feedback, and make iterative improvements, all while keeping the human touch front and center.

Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Aparna Narayan

Director Talent Strategy & Executive Recruitment

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