The Future of HCM Now with Elatia Abate, Futurist in Residence

September 01, 2023

Paylocity's futurist-in-residence Elatia Abate invites you to step into leadership like never before in this dynamic, disruptive keynote.

We will experience 100 years of disruption over the next decade. New tech, which once took years to integrate into society, now takes only a matter of days or weeks to reach millions of people. To thrive in this period of exponential change, we will have to work these extraordinary shifts into our plans ... instead of fighting against them.

Rather than being held captive to our circumstances, futurist Elatia Abate challenges us to consider: How might we empower success in the face of great uncertainty and disruption?

Watch this on-demand keynote to discover the strategies and tools to help you:

  • Navigate from chaos to clarity by defining values and protecting boundaries.
  • Evolve from fear to fearlessness by assuming agency and challenging assumptions.
  • Move from isolation to connection by sharing your story, making it personal, and building community.