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The Digital Disruption of the
Employee Experience

Today’s CEOs face a monumental challenge. Leveraging technology in the workplace has evolved from being a luxury to a necessity as engaging modern employees becomes a strategic priority for senior management. HR leaders have an opportunity to spearhead an employee experience transformation that not only keeps employees happy and engaged, but also drives business success.


Paylocity’s Chief HR Officer, Cheryl Johnson, discussed new ways to deliver technology to today’s modern workforce and embrace the digitization of HR. In her session, she:

  • Explained the concept of digitization and why employers must consider the employee experience in their endeavor to digitally disrupt their workforce
  • Identified the benefits of digitization, including improved employee engagement and greater business success
  • Discussed strategies and best practices to implement technology-forward opportunities to make both an impact — both immediate and long-term


Cheryl Johnson

Chief HR Officer, Paylocity


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