Corporate Responsibility

We care for our employees, our communities, and the broader world around us.

Leading Responsibly

We subscribe to the “people matter most” philosophy and have done so from the very beginning. It is that worldview that guides our actions in how we care for one another, our communities, our business partners, and the environment.

Supporting our Employees and Protecting our Clients

We strive to be an all-inclusive environment where every employee feels welcome and open to express themselves. With a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, our goal is to foster growth and development for our team members. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help us achieve this goal by empowering employees to share ideas, inspire change, and contribute to our company’s success.

Protecting Our Clients

From technology and infrastructure to the people we put in place to manage it, the security and integrity of your data are our top priorities. We understand the confidence you instill in our team and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. That’s why we consistently keep you – our customer – at the heart of every decision we make.

Hear from Our Employees

“I cannot express how happy it made me to see how much Paylocity cares about our community. I truly feel that this organization lives its values.”

- Olivia, Paylocity Employee

“It's the people and the leadership that make the difference here, our culture is a competitive advantage. Very few companies are willing to really listen to their employees like we do on many issues."

- Van, Director of Sales

“Comes back to the environment. The vibes. The great people around you who are always willing to assist. I am always happy to come into Paylocity each day knowing that no matter what, I always feel supported."

- Rainy, Account Manager III

“What we have been able to do for equality is amazing. Senior leadership is totally on board and has given us the freedom to make real changes.”

- Rob, Manager Client Services

“Diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are more than just words at Paylocity, they are the behaviors and actions that guide us on a daily basis.”

- Tauhidah, VP Chief Diversity Officer

"I took advantage of the volunteer time that we get for the first time. We serviced 600 families with the Food Bank of Pittsburgh, and I walked away from it feeling awesome!

- Kacie, Implementation Consultant II

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Our Communities

The Paylocity Gives program supports our local communities, environment as well as our employees' personal passion projects.

Our Culture

Everything we do at Paylocity is rooted in our shared values. They drive how we make decisions, treat each other, and define success.

Our Environment

Reducing, reusing, and recycling are just the beginning of our commitment to our planet.