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Helping Clients Drive DEIA

Paylocity helps clients understand their workforces better and create transparent and diverse cultures that welcome the whole employee. A data-informed and mindful approach to DEIA can make people comfortable to do their best work.

DEIA Tools You Already Have

Improving DEIA practices can be as simple as opening your HR toolkit. Identify early wins to get started and find tips to take your DEIA efforts to the next level.

Data Driven Insights for DEI

DEI solutions across the Paylocity platform help you understand workforce needs, foster a more inclusive experience, and measure impact.

Automate and Focus on Meaningful Action

By automating common HR processes, a regional bank finds time to focus on driving diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Ongoing employee education of DEIA topics contributes to: the success of your organizational DEIA efforts; a more engaged workforce, and fosters innovation. Our Learning Management System (LMS) includes 200+ courses on a wide array of topics including: DEIA; health and wellness; compliance; anti-harassment, discrimination, and bullying; and workplace safety.

Paylocity and Revere Plastics Team Up to Win Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Best Approach to Human Capital Management (HCM) Innovation

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Grow With Us

We're People Who Care About People

We believe people matter most, and that's how we approach all of our partnerships, from employees, to clients, to vendors. Get to know us an our story. We're more than out best-in-class technology.

Right-Sized for You Today and Tomorrow

Whether you have a dozen employees in a corner shop or thousands in every corner of the country, we're constantly evolving our top-rated HCM software and payroll services to meet your needs, today and far into the future.

Built for You, Loved by Employees

Our flexible solutions help you tackle your biggest HR and payroll challenges today and evolve with you so you can focus on tomorrow. You'll be able to tackle your "have to dos" so you can get to your "want to dos."