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What We're Doing

We're passionate about and committed to building a better future for all and recognize that we have work yet to do on our own diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility journey. We're continuously looking at our own practices while creating opportunities for real feedback to find ways to enact meaningful change. Learn more below about what we’ve done so far and our plans for the future.

Education & Awareness

We’re invested in educating ourselves and those around us about what racism and discrimination looks like, how biases come about, and what we must do to directly affect positive change. We’ve designed original learning content on these topics, available to both our employees and clients. To keep the conversation going and the information flowing, we’ve included diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and unconscious bias training as part of our internal continued learning program. We’ve also hosted forums and dedicated episodes of our PCTY Talks podcast to discussing human rights and social justice issues, and DEI initiatives and strategies. We’ll continue to focus on education and awareness by creating a safe space for the conversation through focus groups, leveraging our ERGs, and enlisting the help of outside experts.

DEIA Conscious Products

We recognize our unique position to be able to leverage our own product to help our clients and the broader HR community to think differently about diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility and bring it to the surface at their respective workplaces. We continue to update our product roadmap to prioritize features that make it easier to track, measure, and improve diversity. Survey templates that help give everyone a voice and compensation tools that help drive pay equity are a few examples. We're also creating trainings and resources around racism, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, and how users of our products can foster change at their own organizations.

Community Action

We’ve always believed that all people deserve the chance to flourish. As an organization, we work to make a positive impact in our communities. PCTY Gives is our corporate philanthropy effort that makes a difference across the country, including through in-kind donations, our Elevate Your Passions Grant that supports nonprofits nominated by our employees, and Volunteers in Action paid time-off.

It’s important to demonstrate through real action that Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and other underrepresented minority groups are part of our daily decision-making body, senior management, and corporate board. We continue to work toward adding diversity to our leadership. We added to the diversity on our Board of Directors, and the board is currently just under one-half underrepresented minorities or female. Attracting, hiring, and retaining more diverse candidates will continue to be a primary focus for our organization. We’re committed to increasing representation of BIPOC, Veteran, LGBTQIAP+, and other underrepresented minorities in our employee population and on our leadership and executive teams.

We acknowledge that underrepresented minority groups face unique challenges and that it takes all of us working together to resolve them. We focused first on the individual by rolling out training and resources for mental well-being and resiliency for our employees.

Next, we created an internal support system by forming four DEIA related Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and additional Affinity Groups over the past four years. The purpose of these groups is to ensure alignment between our business and diversity strategies and to raise awareness related to the issues facing our racially diverse population, women, LGBTQIAP+ and other under-represented communities. To show our commitment we've added a Chief Diversity Officer, Diversity Leadership Council (DLC), and a c committed DEIA Team. We will continue to partner with our organizational leaders, DLC, DEIA Team, and ERG leaders and executive sponsors to influence change throughout our organization.

Joining the movement against racial, gender, and other forms of injustice requires that we reevaluate our own policies, procedures, and employment practices continuously to ensure equity at the foundational level. We conduct an annual pay equity study with a multiple regression analysis. We’re proud our results continue to show we have no statistical difference in pay practices between employees based on race or gender.

We believe all employees deserve the same clarity on performance expectations, opportunities for promotion, and recognition for work well done. To that end, we introduced a competency model to describe what’s expected at each level of the organization. We're in the process of creating a supplier diversity program so our vendors and supplier companies better reflect the diversity of our customers and growing employee population. We’ll continue to monitor our pay practices, hiring decisions, and promotions to ensure equitable and fair outcomes.

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