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Offer a Best-in-Class HR Experience

Recruiting and retaining top talent is critical to keeping your competitive edge. You can't afford to slow down with outdated, disjointed solutions. Build an engaging employee experience from before day one and drive an enviable culture while cutting down on manual, time-consuming processes. Our top-rated, all-in-one human resource service solution puts on-demand, mobile tools for managing employee data, communication, learning, and powerful data insights at your fingertips.

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Cut Through the Noise. Find the Right HR Solution.

To build a thriving culture and enviable employee experience that inspires performance, you need an innovative HR and payroll service provider that's the right fit for your business. This guide can help you find it.

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You Need Solutions That Keep Up

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Start Employees on the Right Foot Even Before Day One

The battle for top talent starts way before a candidate even walks through your doors, and an employee knows whether they're in the right place within their first 90 days. Create a streamlined, engaging experience from recruitment through onboarding that starts new hires off on the right foot.

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Equip Your Business to Offer Employees the Best

A competitive labor market means your company has to shine in every way, from benefits packages to compensation to company culture. A robust HR and payroll software solution equips you with insights into the entire employee experience throughout the life cycle to make the right decisions for your people.

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Drive Transparency to Create a Positive Culture

Open lines of communication and transparency are critical for a thriving corporate culture where employees feel valued and heard. Gain timely, impactful feedback from employees and foster connection with peer recognition and collaboration tools accessible from anywhere.

We're Just Getting Started

Tackling your top challenges today is just the start to building a stronger future for your business.

engage before day one

Your success as a company is built on your ability to find and win top talent. The intense competition for those highly coveted skills means you need powerful, engaging tools that impress from the very first interaction but without extra administrative burden. Eliminate manual work and focus on building a top-notch experience for candidates and new hires with HR management software featuring automated, streamlined workflows.


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because it's more than a job

Today's employees are looking for more from their workplaces. Our intuitive, integrated HR software tools empower you to offer them opportunities for connection, peer recognition, and career development in the same place where they manage their personal information. Hang on to your greatest assets — your people — with an enhanced experience.


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empower financial and physical wellness

Competitive benefits packages can make all the difference when you're vying for the best of the best. Our benefit administration system lets you plan and administer flexible offerings that suit your workforce's unique needs. Take the headache out of enrollment and empower employees with an intuitive self-service portal with robust data analytics that gives you powerful insights to drive better decisions.


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Forward Together

Go beyond automation with collaboration and engagement tools like Community, LMS, and Surveys. Maximize your success with high-tech capabilities like predictive analytics, flexible integrations, and interactive video. Get to the next level with our modern HCM suite.

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Modern Tools That Evolve with You

Data Insights

Say "goodbye" to guesswork with robust analytics and powerful reporting. Make more data-backed HR and payroll decisions by monitoring key performance metrics, identify staffing and compensation trends, and forecasting accurately with intuitive dashboards.


Give your teams the freedom to stay connected from anywhere with easy-to-use tools. View paychecks, change personal information, download tax forms, approve time-off requests, submit expenses, and recognize colleagues all from your mobile device.


Have the flexibility to choose the software and systems that are best for your business and talk to each other. Automate the flow of data to and from the platform without the hassle of disparate data, time-consuming management, or poor user experience.

Don't just take our word for it


Thinking Outside-the-Box for HR and Payroll

C3 needed an HR and payroll software solution that could wear as many hats as its small HR team. They got creative with Paylocity to lighten their administrative burden, modernize performance management, and so much more.

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