How I Found My Full Potential at Paylocity

November 01, 2023

A recruiter's phone call in 2019 marked the beginning of a life-changing journey for me.

By Ami Sanghvi Headshot

By: By Ami Sanghvi

Implementation Manager

In 2019, I received a phone call from a recruiter that would change my life. My journey with Paylocity started as an Implementation Consultant 2 in the Majors space. It wasn’t my first role in the Human Capital Management industry; that began with my role at a competitor company in data entry. And while I worked my way to a Senior Payroll Specialist position at that company – and eventually into Implementation for four years – it wasn’t until Paylocity that my worth was truly recognized.

In my first year as an Implementation Consultant, I learned a great deal about our software and how to deliver first-class customer service to our clients. I worked collaboratively with various departments and created a network of peers and leaders I could reach out to for advice – most of whom I still rely on today as an amazing support system. Developing these relationships deepened my trust and love for Paylocity.

After a year in my role, and with the encouragement of my managers and directors, I was able to interview and be promoted to the Team Lead, where I would supervise a group of Implementation Consultants based in our Lake Mary office. This was my first official role in leadership, and I was elated that Paylocity trusted my skills and had faith in my abilities so much that they gave me this opportunity.

During my tenure at Paylocity, I have had the privilege of witnessing the remarkable culture that prevails here. Paylocity acknowledges my worth and recognizes my potential, which is something I have not encountered anywhere else. As a Team Lead, I had the opportunity to cultivate this culture within my team by demonstrating to Implementation Consultants that their contributions are valuable, and their feedback is highly appreciated by Paylocity as a whole.

The support I received was incredibly reassuring and taught me about being a strong leader that has compassion. With this new confidence and experience, I was promoted to a manager role in the Major Markets space. Once again, I was floored that Paylocity saw my worth and acted on it so quickly.

With each new role, Paylocity understood that I was a strong leader who brought culture and culpability to my team. We make coming to work fun, but we also hold each other accountable for achieving greatness for Paylocity and its clients.

I am constantly thankful for that phone call from the Paylocity recruiter. I have not only found an amazing company to work for, but also a place that values their employees, their skills, and their time. Paylocity’s culture is easily one to be proud of and represent.