The Positive Impact of Paylocity

January 02, 2024

Coming to Paylocity was without question the best career decision I have made. 

Joe Lisi Headshot

By: Joe Lisi

Enterprise HCM Account Executive

Until now, I had never been involved in writing “the story” for a company in my career. Most of the books had been written by other Human Capital Management Software companies. However, Paylocity's leadership frequently presented a plan on how "we" would operate in the marketplace and bring about changes and disruptions in the industry.

During my early days at Paylocity, I started as an individual contributor. However, I soon volunteered to be a guest trainer, and even offered consultations on the initial versions of our sales process. I'm pleased to say that Paylocity's leadership respected and valued my opinions, recognizing that together we can fuel growth.

I cannot stress enough the positive impact that Paylocity has had on my family life. The ability to work remotely from home has allowed me to be present and active in my children's lives. I did not miss any of their first steps, first words, sports games, recitals, or practices. I was supported by Paylocity and placed in a position to be successful, not just for myself, but also for the company. Now, as my children prepare to go off to college, I am extremely grateful that Paylocity gave me the opportunity to enjoy those luxuries.

Twelve years later, I can confidently say that while we have moved offices, grown, and gone public, our core values are still as prominent now as they were then. Every day, I get out of bed and race to my office as if it was my first day. I love this company, I love our people, and I love the impact we make. Paylocity is not just a job; it's a family, and I am honored to be a part of it.