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Connect Paylocity with the Business Systems You Use Most

Our software was built on the belief that clients should have the ability to choose the systems right for their business—not the other way around. With 300+ integration partners across 20 product categories, our open architecture allows you to streamline the management of payroll and human resources data across other business platforms.


Our 180° and 360° integrations give vendors the ability to automate the flow of data to and from Paylocity, or in either (single) direction. Leverage the systems you need without the hassle of disparate data, time-consuming management, or a poor user experience.


Connect Paylocity with other important business systems you use by exploring our 300+ vendor marketplace.

API Library

Simplify, standardize, and streamline integrations with Paylocity with our API documentation.


Automate common employee event occurrences with instant notification mechanisms.

Integrations Dashboard

With our intuitive integration dashboard, connecting Paylocity with other third-party business systems is simple. View active integrations, initiate new connections, and deep dive into vendor-specific integration details on a single screen.