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Be Proactive with Compliance

New laws and regulations are impacting you more than ever before. From employment verification and healthcare to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and compensation, complying with employment law can be a time-consuming and costly challenge. Use our Compliance Dashboard to stay on track and view your important employee compliance items, all in one place.

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I-9 Work Authorization

Manage and update work authorizations and employee forms, and launch I-9 verification workflows easily.

Affordable Care Act

Get an ACA snapshot, including offer status percentage, required actions, and current number of full-time equivalent employees.

Compliance News

Receive the latest tax and compliance law updates through a live news feed, along with a roundup of recent regulatory blog posts.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Access a visualized summary of all Equal Employment Opportunity data including gender, ethnicity, and EEO job class.

Document Acknowledgement

Allow employees to easily sign-off on items or processes they need to acknowledge, such as your employee handbook or social media policy.

Stay Compliant with Online, User-Friendly Training Courses

Maintain a safe and secure workplace with our interactive compliance training courses such as sexual harassment, anti-violence, and cyber security. You can assign and track employee progress in an intuitive learning platform.


Data Insights

Monitor key metrics, identify trends and make smarter, data-backed decisions with visual dashboards.


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