Bring Integrations with You

We know you need to connect your critical HR and payroll data to various systems and partners to best support your business — and your people. Our 180° and 360° integrations give vendors the ability to automate the flow of data to and from the platform. Leverage the systems you need without the hassle of disparate data, time-consuming management, or poor user experience.

Paylocity’s payroll and HR system integration platform on desktop.

Connect Across Systems

With 300+ integration partners across 20 product categories, our architecture allows you to streamline payroll and HR data management across other business platforms. Connecting Paylocity with other third-party business systems is simple using our intuitive integration dashboard. View active integrations, initiate new connections, and dive deep into vendor-specific integration details on a single screen.


Connect Paylocity with other important business systems you use by exploring our 300+ vendor marketplace.

API Library

Simplify, standardize, and streamline integrations with Paylocity using our API documentation.


Automate common employee event occurrences with instant notification mechanisms.