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Go beyond an office full of files and modernize your workplace with intuitive HR software.

With the many intricacies consuming human resources departments today, our cloud-based payroll and HCM platform gives you a powerful tool that minimizes redundant work and reduces the amount of time your HR team spends managing employee data.

Empower employees with access to personal payroll and
HR information where and when they need it.

A central gateway to business activities, the Self-Service portal keeps all levels of your organization connected. Reduce the burden on HR by providing employees and managers with easy access to personal and company information in a single location.

In today’s world, data is king.

Reports, analytics, and dashboards provide real-time, visualized data to help you monitor key metrics and identify trends. The more tools you use within Paylocity, the more robust your data insights. Having important metrics in one place makes it easy to understand your most important asset — your people. Deliver the business intelligence your organization needs to be successful.

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Engage new employees from day one.

Provide a simple and engaging way for new hires, administrators, and supervisors to participate in the onboarding process. Simplify the repetitive steps required with onboarding a new employee and reduce the time it takes to collect new hire data.

Change the way you view and manage tax and HR compliance. Take a proactive approach to compliance laws and regulations with an intuitive dashboard and interactive HR compliance courses.

Tackle HR complexities with confidence.

Through a combination of technology, compliance resources, and expert consultative services, let Paylocity help you take the edge off of handling today’s workplace challenges. Staying up-to-date on the countless laws and regulations affecting the workplace is increasingly difficult—yet critical to avoiding liability and costly fines. With HR Edge, we give you professional tools to combat daily HR and compliance issues, plus, strategically grow your business.

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