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HR Metrics & Data Insights

Analytics, Dashboards, & Reports


In Today’s World, Data is King

Having important HR metrics in one place makes it easy to understand your most important asset — your people. With Paylocity’s dashboard analytics and reporting tools, you’re empowered to understand what’s happening with your workforce to make more informed, strategic decisions.

View Real-Time Data

Uncover & Analyze Trends

Make Strategic Decisions

Take Action & Drive Change

Monitor key metrics with robust, easy-to-use dashboards
that bring your data to life.


    Identify trends & analyze data surrounding ethnicity, gender, & generation


    Drive engagement & collaboration by viewing employee login data to understand product usage


    Pinpoint at-risk employees by analyzing factors like drive time, performance, compensation, & more


    Analyze active or terminated employee counts to see turnover & change over time


    View a summary of labor costs & diagnose hidden overspend or top cost centers


    Recognize top turnover trends with bubble charts to easily identify areas to improve retention

Build Reports Like Never Before

With single-database software design, building reports is simple and intuitive. Create reports how you need them with our powerful ad-hoc report writer and more than 100 standard reports. Schedule reports to be automatically generated, and use the favorites feature to easily find what you’re looking for—saving time and, ultimately, money.

Exclusive Q&A: People Analytics, So What?

In a typical week, how much time do you spend manipulating Excel spreadsheets to get the data you truly need? One hour? 10-hours? More than 15-hours? It doesn’t have to be that way. Discover why your experience with reporting and analytics should be different – and easy – in our exclusive interview with Senior Vice President of Product & Technology, Ted Gaty.

In addition to data visualization, dashboards keep other important areas of your business organized, too.


Proactively tackle compliance laws & regulations


Connect Paylocity with other systems you use


Preparing for this hectic time has never been easier

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