Reporting & Analytics

In today’s world, data is king.

Having important HR metrics in one place makes it easy to understand your most important asset — your people. With Paylocity's reporting and analytic tools, you're empowered to understand what's happening with your workforce to make more informed, strategic decisions.

Access a large library of standard reports or easily customize and save your own to run automatically.

Filter, refresh, and even export the data right from the main dashboard screen.

Easily visualize critical analytics on our HR Insights dashboards—all the important info you need on a single screen.

Dive deep into analytics to monitor specific data points, evaluate metrics by department, and identify areas for improvement.

Bring strategic decision making to the forefront with powerful analytics and dashboard technology to:

  • Aggregate Trend Data
    Access year-over-year trend data to see how headcount and term count change over time.
  • Use Predictive Analytics
    Identify and take action on at-risk employees to improve employee retention.
  • Slice & Dice Data
    Drill deep into unseen cross-sections of your company to discover trends.

Powerful dashboard technology keeps you ahead of HR trends and policies.

  • Turnover: View critical turnover insights by department, manager, and location with bubble charts that highlight top turnover areas.
  • Retention Risk: Determine if wages are competitive and create retention strategies based on when employees typically leave your organization.
  • ACA: Track employee eligibility, affordability, and large employer status for your organization on an ongoing basis.
  • Year End: View potential errors, outstanding tasks, W-2 previews and more on a single screen to keep you on top of this busy time of year.

Plus, generate comprehensive reports with ease.

With single-database software design, building reports has never been more intuitive. Create reports how you need them with our powerful ad-hoc report writer and more than 100 standard reports. Schedule reports to be automatically generated, and use the favorites feature to easily find what you’re looking for, saving time and ultimately, money.

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