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HR Edge

Tackle HR Complexities with Confidence

In today's complex world of compliance requirements, social issues, and HR policies, the risk is too high to “get it wrong.”

Unfortunately, one poor decision or missed deadline could lead to the demise of a business you strived so hard to build. That may sound harsh, but it’s the reality many companies face today. If you’re lucky enough to stay standing through these situations, you can be hit with:

Criminal Penalties

Costly Fines

Damaging Lawsuits

Harmed Reputation

Day-to-Day HR Assistance

Staying up-to-date on the countless laws and regulations affecting the workplace is increasingly difficult—yet critical to avoiding liability and costly fines. Don’t waste time scouring the internet, frustrating impatient employees, (or worse) making poor judgment calls. Paylocity’s HR Edge gives you professional tools to combat daily HR and compliance challenges with:


Live support at your fingertips. Your HR Edge Account Manager is just a call or email away for answers to your questions and solutions that help you work within existing HR laws and regulations.


Access thousands of detailed articles, guides, and other resources to make informed decisions on topics such as healthcare reform, wages & hours, employee leave, state laws, discrimination, and more.


Delivering a written set of guidelines and expectations for employees helps your business run smoothly, without having to think about what to do in a specific situation.

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Help ensure a safe and secure workplace with interactive, online training courses. Assess employee knowledge on topics such as cyber security, sexual harassment, and anti-bullying.

Go Beyond HR Compliance

With your HR Edge Business Partner, get quality recruiting and talent acquisition guidance to expand your business. Our experts help you attract and retain talent by assisting you in three crucial areas:

Employer Branding

Enhance your brand with guidance on a positive social media presence, brand evangelists, a top-notch career webpage, and more.

Job Descriptions

Craft strong, comprehensive descriptions to attract qualified candidates by clearly stating expectations, responsibilities, and qualifications for new roles.

Compensation Analysis

Go from budgeting for a new position to making the right offer to determining pay raises with confidence, by utilizing modern salary analysis tools.

Plus, leverage our applicant tracking and recruiting tool built right into our payroll and HR software!

Improve the hiring experience for both you and candidates with our user-friendly recruiting tool. Easily reach your audience, automate tasks, customize workflows, and more!

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