2022 HR Tech Awards Recognize Paylocity’s Community as “Best Culture Building Solution”

June 29, 2022

HCM analyst firm Lighthouse Research & Advisory recognizes Paylocity’s Community for connecting employees.

Paylocity’s online social collaboration hub, Community, has been named “Best Culture Building Solution” in the Employee Experience category of the 2022 HR Tech Awards, powered by HCM analyst firm Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

The HR Tech Awards program recognizes technology providers and solutions that meet the needs of buyers and employers. The awards are chosen by an independent judging panel based on criteria including problem-solving capabilities, client case studies, product demos, and other key differentiators.

Community is an integrated part of the Paylocity platform that streamlines communication, strengthens collaboration, and fosters a culture of engagement not possible through traditional email, antiquated intranets, or other broad communication channels. Many clients use the online social collaboration hub to replace communication channels that either don’t reach all employees or don’t engage them in meaningful ways. Organizations leverage Community to centralize communications and connect all employees, including those who are dispersed across locations or don’t have a company email.

"In today's market, every business must be focused on creating a great culture and employee experience, not just focusing on payroll, hiring, and compliance,” said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory. “Paylocity is meeting that need by giving employees a way to share their interests, preferred pronouns, and more in their Community product. Bottom line: This is a powerful resource for employers that want to connect their people, and connect with their people, more deeply."

As part of Paylocity’s continued effort to embed experiences throughout the platform that help employees feel connected to their work—even employees who are hybrid, remote, on-the-go, or deskless—the company recently completed a refresh of Community, adding:

  • New Connection tools: Automatically creates team groups for supervisors and direct reports. Users are added as they join/leave/move within the organization, with icebreaker prompts to introduce new team members.
  • New Collaboration tools: Create, edit, collaborate on, and share files (with 3 GB of file storage)
  • New Communication tools: Chat functionality for 1:1 and 1:many chat options

ABC Home & Commercial, a Paylocity client, is embracing these enhancements for its 800+ employees. “Community is our total communication package. It’s designed in a way that allows us to easily communicate with employees, but also to allow them to communicate with each other,” said Michele Nelson, Director of HR for ABC Home & Commercial. ”Since so many of our employees work in the field, the new file-sharing capabilities will help streamline some of our digital documents and give our employees easy access to much-needed information,” she added.

As part of the most complete platform for the modern workforce, Paylocity’s Community helps employers deal with critical workforce challenges, such as The Great Resignation, changing workforce demographics, and the rapid shift to mobile and hybrid work. Since its initial launch two years ago, Community has seen rapid and widespread adoption among Paylocity clients. In the last year, overall employee engagement as demonstrated by announcements, employee visits and posts, reactions, and comments, has increased by more than 56%, with employee comments up by more than 150%. Within six months of implementing Paylocity’s Community, clients saw peer-to-peer recognition increase more than 500% on average, indicating viral adoption by employees.

To see Paylocity’s all-in-one platform and Community feature in action, contact us for a demo today.


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