Paylocity Enters 5th Consecutive Year as Overall Leader in G2 Winter Grid Report

December 13, 2022

Read why clients ranked Paylocity an overall leader for all 12 product categories in the G2 Winter 2023 Grid Reports for the 17th straight quarter.

G2 has named Paylocity an overall leader in all 12 Human Resource Information Systems product categories in its Winter 2023 Grid Reports, marking 17 consecutive quarters in which Paylocity achieved its leader ranking. G2 also moved Paylocity up as the new number one overall leader in both Human Resource Management Systems and Applicant Tracking Systems, marking 8 of 12 categories where Paylocity is the top overall choice for reviewers.

Paylocity has an overall 4.4 (out of 5) rating based on nearly 2,200 client reviews, including recognition as a leader in the Enterprise, Mid-Market and Small Business segments. G2 bases its leader ranking on high customer satisfaction levels and greater likelihood to recommend ratings from verified Paylocity users on G2, the world’s leading business solutions review website.

In the Enterprise segment, Paylocity achieved a leader ranking in five categories: Payroll, Core HR, Onboarding, Corporate Learning Management Systems, and Human Resource Management. Paylocity continues to expand its reach in the Enterprise segment, having earned a Highest User Adoption badge for Workforce Management and Best Estimated ROI and Highest User Adoption badges for Benefits Administration, in the G2 Winter 2023 Grid Reports.

"Paylocity empowered my team to be much more effective, which allows me to work on the business, not in the business,” said Ryan Zimmerman, Senior Director of Human Resources, POLYWOOD. “We’re no longer stuck in the weeds of everyday tasks—we have the information at our fingertips to focus on strategy as we grow."

Paylocity ranked as an overall leader in the following categories:

  • Core HR *
  • Human Resource Management Systems *
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) *
  • Performance Management *
  • Time Tracking *
  • Onboarding *
  • Corporate Learning Management Systems *
  • Workforce Management *
  • Benefits Administration
  • Expense Management
  • Travel & Expense
  • Payroll

* Indicates #1 Overall Leader in category

“Leading the G2 Grid Reports for 17 straight quarters is a testament to the power of our technology and the incredible people here who work hard to make it the best platform in the market,” said Rachit Lohani, Chief Technology Officer, Paylocity. “Seeing Paylocity rise to the top in more categories is a wonderful recognition of everything we strive for. We are always excited to see new ways in which our solutions can improve the productivity of clients.”

Attract and Track the Best Talent

Paylocity was named the #1 overall leader in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), due to Paylocity clients reporting great results engaging candidates with automated recruiting and onboarding software. They rely on human elements offered on the platform such as video job postings and text messaging to convey information while also allowing leaders to reinforce company culture. And when new hires start, invitations to groups on Community and regular employee surveys make them feel welcome—even before day one.

“I love how the employee can go in from a new hire to current employee from start to finish using the same system,” says G2 reviewer Kelly Williams. “The training, learning and performance tools are also very effective.”

Streamlining and automating recruiting, applicant tracking, and onboarding are essential parts of the modern workforce experience. Today’s always-connected employees want to belong and feel empowered to grow, and they increasingly expect a work experience that resembles the apps and technologies they use in their personal lives. These needs come to life in the competitive job market, where employers are finding better ways to make a powerful first impression and connect with candidates from the start.

Leveraging Automation to Make Manual Tasks Disappear

Paylocity’s Core HR tools help HR leaders free up their time to focus on the strategic work they're passionate about—which adds the most value to their organization. Its all-in-one platform helps solve the most basic HR and payroll needs while also providing robust reporting and data insights to help clients make better, more data-driven decisions.

“Paylocity has been a game changer for our company,” says G2 reviewer Sharon Albrecht. “It's easy to use for everyone--employees, supervisors, and HR and really helped us to streamline our processes. The time savings just on timecards and payroll alone has given my supervisors and myself hours back in our week so we can focus on other things. Everyone here loves it!”

Effective Partnership with Organizations of Any Size

Paylocity's rankings in every market segment continue to rise. Across small business and mid-market, G2 reviewers ranked Paylocity a leader in all 24 unique categories, including the #1 overall leader in 10 of the 12 mid-market reports.

Paylocity also maintains its Momentum Leader status, recognizing its fast growth while maintaining high customer satisfaction. Momentum leaders appear in the top 25% of their category's products.

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To see Paylocity’s G2 badges and other recognition of Paylocity and its all-in-one platform, go to our awards page or contact us for a HRIS demo today.


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