Paylocity Earns Spot on Forbes' Best Employers for Women List Two Years Running

August 08, 2023

Empowering Women in the Workplace: Paylocity's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

Paylocity takes pride in its commitment to women’s career growth, championing mentorship, supporting working mothers, and fostering an inclusive workplace that empowers all employees. Our dedication to these principles and our holistic approach to creating an environment where everyone thrives earned a place on Forbes’ Best Employers for Women list. This is the second consecutive year Paylocity has been named to the list and comes on the heels of being named one of Forbes' Best Employers for Diversity.

Forbes’ annual list of Best Employers for Women seeks to honor companies like Paylocity that foster an environment where diverse employees, including women, are fully supported. Its 2023 list comes from a nationwide survey of more than 50,000 people working for companies with 1,000+ employees. The list honors companies like ours that foster an environment where diverse employees, including women, are fully supported.

The survey included questions about working conditions, diversity, demographics, and respondents’ overall likelihood to recommend the company. Female respondents answered additional questions related to length of parental leave, gender discrimination, and pay equality.

The final scores also considered diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEI) initiatives and gender representation at the executive level. Every employer listed, including Paylocity, demonstrated a commitment to gender balance at both the board and executive level, earning exceptional recommendations from participants.

Paylocity knows employees and potential candidates expect companies to be proactive and transparent about DEIA and gender equality. To support this transparency, we’ve initiated several campaigns and programs:

  • Launched our first Women in Leadership conference and committee
  • Kicked off our first Diversity in Sales Leadership roundtable
  • Held our first Global Accessibility Awareness Day panel
  • Hired a firm to conduct an accessibility audit of our entire organization
  • Hosted numerous DEIA focus, listening, and roundtable groups
  • Held various women-in-leadership and racially diverse leadership conferences for our employees to participate in
  • Continued our employee self-ID campaign to gain a better understanding of our employee community for future DEIA efforts

Paylocity continues to make progress toward achieving a more diverse and equitable workplace for women. In 2023, 51.4% of our employees and 50% of all managers are women. Nurturing an environment where women can thrive professionally requires ongoing dedication and a long-term vision.

At Paylocity, we firmly believe in the power of shaping a workplace where every individual is valued and empowered to contribute in ways that best suit them. Through persistent effort, we have built a culture that embraces diversity and empowers all team members to succeed.

As we reflect on our achievements, we recognize this success would not be possible without the dedication and passion of our incredible team. Together, we will strive for continued progress, breaking down barriers, and reshaping the future of work. We remain resolute in our mission to empower women and all our employees to achieve their full potential, creating a brighter, more equitable future for everyone at Paylocity.

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