Paylocity Honored by Forbes as Best Employer for Diversity for Third Consecutive Year

April 23, 2024

Forbes recognizes Paylocity's commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace through innovative initiatives and strategic partnerships.

Forbes has once again recognized Paylocity as one of the best employers for diversity, marking the third consecutive year the company has received this important honor.

Forbes' evaluation process for The Best Employers for Diversity 2024 reflects the opinions of more than 170,000 U.S.-based employees working for companies with at least 1,000 employees in the U.S. The assessment criteria included personal recommendations, public recommendations, and key performance indicators (KPIs) related to diversity best practices such as representation, accountability, communication, internal initiatives, and external involvement.

Paylocity Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Chief Diversity Officer, Monica Roberts said, "Being recognized by Forbes as one of The Best Employers for Diversity for the third consecutive year is a testament to Paylocity's commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. Our dedication to DEIA is not just a checkbox; it's ingrained in our organizational DNA, driving us to create a culture where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered."

Within Paylocity's DEIA department, a strategy has been developed around the acronym AIIR, standing for Attract, Inform, Include, and Retain. The goal is to support the attraction of diverse talent, inform and equip current employees with the information needed to be culturally sensitive, ensure all employees are included and feel a sense of belonging, and promote and encourage employee retention. Each component of the AIIR strategy drives business growth and success.

Specific initiatives implemented at Paylocity to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility include its Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), such as SHEroes, OneWorld, Equality, Sustainability, and Mental Health. These ERGs provide spaces for employees to inform the organization of unique needs and create inclusive environments. Paylocity’s Women and Diverse Leadership programs further support historically excluded and underrepresented groups.

To drive the attraction component of its strategy, Paylocity partners with and sponsors organizations like Lesbians Who Tech & Their Allies, Black Men in Tech, and AfroTech. We also partner with Czechitas to tap into diverse tech talent globally.

Overall, Paylocity is proud of its achievements in promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility and looks forward to continuing these efforts for a more inclusive future. Paylocity is grateful to its employees, clients, and partners who contribute to this journey toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future. Stay tuned for more updates as Paylocity continues its commitment to fostering a workplace where everyone can thrive.


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