What’s New Blog | February 2022

March 16, 2022

February 2022 Releases: Updates to easily find tax documents, streamline Recruiting & Onboarding, and more.

According to SHRM’s latest State of the Workplace Study, 72% of HR professionals said that their teams are working too hard and too long. Yet, 78% plan to increase their employee headcount and reported other key initiatives for 2022, like retaining talent and navigating COVID-19's continued workplace impact. Our February releases include releases to help lighten the load on HR (and others!) via employee self-service to make HR’s day-to-day more efficient.

Help employees easily find tax documents

We know that making employees’ lives easier via self-service also makes HR’s life easier, which is why we offer notifications and guidance throughout the open enrollment process. As tax season approaches, employees with HSA accounts can now view tax forms at the same location in their employee record that they access other annual tax forms, like their W2.

Get new employees up and running quickly

The E-Verify system releases annual updates, and we’ve updated our system to align with the latest, which center around support for managing duplicate cases. Also, to ensure new employees take advantage of self-service, once they’ve completed onboarding, the system will automatically send them an email notification with instructions to download the PCTY mobile app. We’re making the system easier for admin users too; last autumn we introduced the capability for employees to fill out and sign PDF forms that are then saved to their employee record. Now, users that primarily use Onboarding can set this module as their default landing page.

Ask applicants the right questions

Recruiters can now configure multiple application templates that can be applied on a per-job basis, to better assess applicants’ skills and competencies. Once you know someone’s the right fit, take advantage of text message and two-way email capabilities to get in touch quickly and easily.

Easily enforce your COVID-19 policies

We continue to optimize our COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Tracking solution with the flexibility to help you monitor and enforce your chosen policy. Calculate if an employee is eligible to work based on policy settings that you determine, and that eligibility is reflected in the employee’s record and in relevant reports. You can also have the system notify an employee’s manager if an ineligible employee punches in.

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