What's New Blog | November 2021

December 08, 2021

Self-Scheduling Options for Employees, More Flexible Succession Planning, and More

The data is in: recent surveys report that 76% percent of employees want more flexible working arrangements and additional benefits. To help retain your employees —and make your life a little easier in the process—our November releases include functionality to empower employees to have more control of their schedules and features to improve succession planning.

Increase employee satisfaction with interactive scheduling flexibility

In the Paylocity platform, managers have robust scheduling functionality including the ability to add, edit, and reassign shifts from their mobile device. With Open Shift Claiming, scheduling gets even simpler for supervisors and employees. Supervisors can publish open shifts with multiple schedules for their employees to view and claim. Employees will have more freedom around how and when they work, which can help reduce tardiness and absenteeism—not to mention that it increases their engagement and satisfaction and takes some of the administrative work of scheduling from managers. 

Customize the succession planning 9-box

Paylocity’s Performance tool includes a 9-box succession planning grid that can help you identify employees with high potential. The out of box defaults for the axis labels for the 9-box model are "Performance" and "Potential.” Now the axis labels are fully customizable so that, as an example, you could use "Ability" and "Aspiration” to align with your company’s unique culture or core competencies.

Contribution limits automatically updated for 2022

On November 10th, 2021, the IRS updated contribution limits for FSA and Parking/Transit plans for the 2022 tax year. We’ve updated the system to accommodate these new limits.

Simplify with bulk updates to direct deposit settings

Previously, when updating direct deposit settings for an entire Net to Gross payroll batch, you had to make the changes on each check. There’s now an option to change the entire batch, ensuring it’s a simple adjustment that doesn’t delay payroll.

Protect sensitive information with two-factor authentication

Preventing unwanted access to company admin accounts is critical to protecting employee information. Admins without a mobile phone number on file will be prompted to enter it upon login so the system can verify identity and reach out if there's suspicious activity.

As an additional security layer to prevent unwanted adjustments, stepped up authentication is now required for direct deposit views and changes. Users will be prompted to confirm a one-time passcode to view and edit the direct deposit page in their employee payroll file. Once users confirm the passcode, they will not be prompted again for 2 hours. However, after the 2-hour window expires, they’ll be prompted once again to confirm a new OTP.


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