Revolutionizing Leadership for the 21st Century

November 02, 2023

To navigate this era of rapid advancements in society and technology, we must revolutionize how we understand, train, and fuel our leadership by exploring three key themes of The Future of HCM Now.

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In a world where the pace of change is not just increasing, but doing so at almost immeasurable speeds, standing still is not an option.

Modern phenomena like artificial intelligence and quantum computing have ushered in a period of disruption that can be challenging to process as society and technology shift so rapidly. And in the context of these advancements, our approach to leadership — and Human Capital Management as a whole — stands at a precipice.

To navigate this era and shape the future successfully, we must free ourselves from the constraints of the past and revolutionize the way we understand, train, and fuel our leadership. In this eBook by Paylocity futurist-in-residence Elatia Abate, learn how to step into the Future of HCM Now by exploring: 

  • Empowered Agency, a shift in who leads and how leadership is structured. 
  • Embodied Action, the need to move business beyond a solely intellectual exercise. 
  • Empowered Language, the understanding that because language shapes everything, how we speak and communicate will shape our world and, consequently, our results and impact. 



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