Stay Interview Checklist: 6 Retention Tips for Managers

These 6 tips help you gain insight to improve retention and address parts of your employee experience that could be contributing to turnover.

HR teams are battling both high turnover and competitive recruiting to solve serious understaffing issues, as they try to get beyond simply replacing lost employees. Stay interviews are a critical best practice to help businesses stay staffed and successful, to both attract and keep employees.

Taking the intent of exit interviews and having frank conversations with employees before they’ve decided to leave gives organizations the chance to address issues, improving the employee experience for current employees and increasing the likelihood that new hires will stay. It provides an opportunity to amplify employee voices by requesting feedback and then demonstrating action has been taken in response. But relying on HR to hold retention interviews with every employee may be unrealistic with limited resources.

Our “Stay Interview Checklist: 6 Retention Tips for Managers” provides key tips that equip managers to share the load of compiling these critical insights to help organizations:

  • Scale opportunities to making getting feedback from employees more manageable.
  • Build a culture of trust.
  • Ask the right open-ended questions during the stay interview to get meaningful feedback.
  • Identify and address problematic areas of their employee experience.
  • Stay in tune with their employees and what’s important to them.
  • Enhance transparency and belonging with open communication.

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