Nurturing Curiosity and Understanding in the Workplace with Dee Kendrix

August 29, 2023

Discover how curiosity and connection can create a space of belonging in your organization.
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In this episode of the HR Mixtape, host Shari Simpson is joined by Dee Kendrix, a leadership expert and CEO of DC Global Group. They discuss the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, specifically focusing on creating a sense of belonging. They explore the factors that contribute to people feeling like they belong or don't belong in a particular work environment. Tune in to gain insights on how HR professionals can better support and foster a culture of belonging.

Leadership Expert and Culture Strategist Deirdra “Dee” Kendrix is a highly respected thought leader and inspirational speaker obsessed with creating authentic spaces of growth and transformation.

With nearly two decades of senior leadership and executive experience, Dee’s inspiring leadership journey includes delivering success at some of the nation’s most notable financial institutions in key roles like Retail Bank President and Global VP/Director of Inclusion.

Dee leads a team of Culture Gladiators as the CEO of DC Global Group, a boutique consulting firm with niche expertise in Leadership Development, Executive Advisory, and Organizational Culture.

Described as a natural communicator and transformational speaker, Dee is known for high-energy keynotes and interactive dialogues that take participants across industries and sectors through an engaging journey of practical yet inspiring content, leaving every audience awakened and moved to proactively step forward for change.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Dee Kendrix

CEO & Chief Strategist

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