The Gen Z Effect with Hana Ben-Shabat

March 14, 2023

Time to get up to speed with the newest generation in the workforce! Get some insight into what Generation Z wants from their employers so you can keep your team engaged, motivated, and inspired.
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Let’s face it: Employers have had their work cut out for them in adapting to changing employee needs, with each generation having its own unique set of desires and expectations. As a human resource manager or director, this is all the truer as you strive to meet the demands of Generation Z – tech-savvy pioneers who grew up around an ever-changing digital world and are continually entering the workforce. Understanding what Gen Z wants from their employer is vital when engaging and retaining top talent within your organization.

Hana Ben-Shabat is the founder of Gen Z Planet, a research and advisory firm. She helps business leaders to prepare for the next generation of employees and consumers. In this role, Hana combines her passion for insights with her commitment to support the integration of the next generation into society. As an award-winning management consultant who was named one of the “Top 25 Consultants” by Consulting Magazine, Hana is a sought-after speaker and business commentator and is the author of the book Gen Z 360: Preparing for the Inevitable Change in Culture, Work, and Commerce.


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