Paylocity Launches New Product Features to Help Organizations Recruit, Rehire and Engage Employees in Touchless Work Environments

July 07, 2020

Learn how to navigate the unprecedented complexity of re-opening and re-energizing the workforce.

SCHAUMBURG, IL., July 8, 2020 Paylocity (NASDAQ: PCTY), a leading provider of cloud-based HR and payroll software solutions, today announces its new COVID-19 Return to Work offerings to help businesses and employees navigate the unprecedented complexity of re-opening and re-energizing the workforce.

“The future of the workplace looks vastly different than it did a few months ago, and it’s crucial that organizations rethink the way they recruit, rehire and engage their workforces,” said Steve Beauchamp, CEO of Paylocity. “Our new solutions and educational resources will help organizations meet employee expectations for safe and flexible work environments.”

Paylocity has introduced several new product features and resources to keep employees safe while ensuring business continuity:

Processes for Safe Return to Work

Even as organizations return to work, social distancing requirements and contactless processes will be the new normal. To help organizations keep employees safe while complying with CDC guidelines, Paylocity rolled out:

  • Mobile attestation - Paylocity’s new mobile attestation prompt allows employers to configure their punch-in prompt. Whether punch-in is on kiosks, web, portal or mobile, Paylocity asks employees if they are feeling specific COVID-19 symptoms before clocking-in to maintain safe work environments. Based on responses, employees will clock-in normally or not be able to clock-in and their manager will be notified.
  • Mobile photo punch – The platform’s mobile punch now features photo capture, allowing employees to use their mobile devices to take photos as they punch in for their workday. Managers and administrators can review photos on time cards and in the punch photo gallery to ensure the correct person is clocking in.
  • Time & labor scheduling reinforcement: Administrators can now manage shift capacity to abide by CDC social distancing guidelines. Paylocity’s platform enforces limits on staff, start and end times and employee availability.

Recruit & Rehire Product Enhancements and Resources

New tools within the Paylocity platform help clients implement a seamless recruiting and onboarding process as they seek new candidates or bring back furloughed employees. With the Recruiting and Onboarding modules, organizations can launch virtual rehire events by automatically changing the status of furloughed employees and inviting past employees to submit applications for rehire. Clients can also easily invite candidates to apply for specific jobs, aiding in expanding talent pools. To expedite the onboarding process for rehires, Paylocity rolled out geolocation enhancements to immediately validate state and local taxes based on employees’ home and work addresses.

Powered by Paylocity’s Learning Management System (LMS), the enhanced module also offers auto-assigned training courses on company policies/procedures. Paylocity also offers engagement surveys for new hires to keep them engaged and informed during their onboarding process. Employers can gauge new hires’ feedback and engagement during the onboarding process through the Utilization Dashboard.

As the pandemic continues to cause financial stress for organizations, Paylocity eases the burden through its updated labor cost dashboard. The dashboard’s expanded features provide insights on labor cost and overtime trends on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

New Employee Engagement Resources

Paylocity launched new resources, toolkits and training to keep employees connected, inspired and productive during a time where engagement looks different. With new Survey templates for soliciting employee feedback and Journal templates for assisting with virtual performance management, Paylocity facilitates ongoing communication among workforces.

To support remote engagement for managers, Paylocity also launched new courses within its LMS – including “keeping virtual employees engaged” and “collaborating in virtual meetings.”  In addition, new courses around mindfulness and managing stress are now available in the LMS. Managers and employees alike can stay connected in real-time through Community, Paylocity’s tool for improving and maintain employee engagement and communication.

Paylocity offers robust resources like toolkits, webinars and podcasts available to organizations looking for guidance on recruiting, rehiring and engaging employees in today’s landscape. To learn more, visit: